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Mar 24 (Aries)
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It's Complicated
About me:
1) I'm an Indigo Starseed. Google both terms if you're not sure what it means. 2) If you don't care to Google it right now, I can tell you now that I'm definitely an old soul who looks at humanity and wonders precisely this: "WTF?!" We're all so potentially brilliant yet we've followed some REALLY dumb people because they had charisma paired with some stupid ideas. Thankfully, people like Gandhi, Jesus, the Buddha, John Lennon, Jon Anderson (Google him--he's truly a brilliant spirit!!!), Paramahansa Yogananda and other such people have shone lights into the darkness of human hubris and lit the way for human spiritual growth. (A few episodes of "Doctor Who" can't hurt, either, IMO!)
I'm a bit like the Doctor...I have no real hometown
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Druidic/New Age syncretist
Interested in:
1) Magic the Gathering 2) Making jewelry 3) Selling stuff on Amazon and eBay 4) My part-time pizza job. It's far from what I want, but I'm working to change that. 5) Anything mystical and spiritual, pretty much
Same as above, except exclude my pizza job. It pays the bills but food-service is NOT my calling...and add the following: 1) "Doctor Who" 2) Music (composing and listening) 3) Writing 4) Tarot 5) Crystals 6) Reiki 7) Druidry and other spiritual philosophies ....and other mystical things...
Favorite Music:
1) Jon Anderson (again, Google him...he's truly, truly an awesome person as well as fabulous musician!) 2) Constance Demby 3) Dead Can Dance 4) Steve Roach 5) Robert Rich 6) Clannad 7) Enya 8) Andreas Vollenweider (Google him!) 9) Howard Shore (especially his LOTR score!!!!) 10) John Williams (he immortalized "Superman!") 11) The Doctor Who theme ...and many more!
Favorite TV Shows:
1) Doctor Who (Eccleston and Tennant rule the TARDIS! I have not yet seen Matt Smith's Doctor, so I can't judge that.) 2) Red Dwarf 3) Sabrina the Teenage Witch 4) Roswell 5) Twin Peaks 6) Almost Human 7) Are You Being Served? (Britcom) 8) Keeping Up Appearances (Britcom) 9) Torchwood 10) M*A*S*H (yes, I know it's an old show. No, I don't care. :P) 11) Merlin 12) Sherlock 13) Inuyasha (anime) 14) The Devil Is a Part-Timer (anime) 15) Blue Drop (anime)
Favorite Movies:
1) Superman (original flick from 1978) 2) Man of Steel (Henry Cavill's portrayal) 3) LOTR trilogy 4) The Matrix trilogy 5) Independence Day 6) "Sword in the Stone" (Disney. Yes, Disney. So sue me!) 7) The Knowing 8) Conversations with God 9) Peaceful Warrior 10) Blade Runner 11) Star Wars 12) Harry Potter 13) Happy Feet ...and many more!
Favorite Books:
1) Harry Potter 2) anything by Carlos Castaneda 3) anything by Frank MacEowen 4) anything by Don Miguel Ruiz 5) anything by John Michael Greer or Philip Carr-Gomm 6) just about anything by Christopher Penczak 7) just about anything by John and/or Caitlin Matthews 8) anything from the Abraham-Hicks series 9) anything from Doreen Virtue or John Edward 10) anything in the Law of Attraction or self-help genres.
Favorite Quotes:
"Without hope, you cannot start the day!"--Jon Anderson "Never underestimate the power that's given to you!"--Jon Anderson "There are no ordinary moments."--Dan Millman "Change we must, to live again!"--Jon Anderson "You must do the thing you think you cannot do!"--Eleanor Roosevelt "Those who would give up essential liberty for a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."--Benjamin Franklin. "Allons-y!"--the 10th Doctor "Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey!"--the 10th Doctor

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